Vaibhav Enterprise a leading name of Udaipur dealing in inverters and battery has initiated buybacks of batteries from customers.

Customers can now avail services of the exchange of old batteries with new ones from Vaibhav Enterprises.

Customers were demanding from some time for buybacks services from Vaibhav enterprises which are now available for them

There are several benefits of buybacks of batteries offered by Vaibhav Enterprises.

1) Battery Exchange:

Old batteries can now be exchanged with new batteries at the convenience of customers. Besides the sale of inverters and batteries as services offered by Vaibhav Enterprises, Battery exchange has added a new angle to the service portfolio of Vaibhav Enterprises.

2) Safe disposal of battery

From customer’s safety point of view, safe disposal of lead is a concern taken care by Vaibhav Enterprise through buybacks of batteries and forwarding it to battery manufacturers like Exide, Amaron, Luminous, etc

3) value for money

Buybacks add value to the services offered by Vaibhav Enterprise. Buybacks save time and money of customers as it is convenient and in demand from customers for a long time

4) Recycling of battery

Buybacks of batteries pave way for recycling of lead present in batteries by manufacturers of batteries.manufacturers of batteries do recycling and market new batteries.

5) Saves the environment and health

Buybacks save the environment and minimize the risk of health to society in general.

6) Lead recover up to 40%

Lead present in batteries is a major component of batteries and during recycling, up to 40% of lead is recovered from batteries.

So buybacks of battery are of mutual benefit to customers of Vaibhav Enterprise and manufacture of batteries like Exide, Amaron, Luminous, etc.