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Buyback of Batteries – A win-win for all


The delivery team would check the value of your old used battery at the time of delivery of the new battery, after examining its capacity and condition. The Buy Back amount would be paid by the delivery team at the time of product delivery and after you hand over the old battery.

Battery manufacturers are it Exide, Amaron, Microtek, Luminous,  and so on compete among themselves to grab market share to be on top. But one thing which is common among them is showing their social and environmental conscious face to their customers. On this front, all leading manufacturers initiated BUYBACKS of old and used batteries from customers and exchanged them instead for new batteries.

To increase the benefits of buybacks to those involved in the value chain several mediators like distributors and retailers regularly float buybacks scheme with a monetary incentive to customers to retrieve old and used batteries.

buybacks of batteries

Some major advantages of buybacks are

1) Buyback gives value for money to customers 

Customers get value for money once they know that buyback is available at the time of purchase of a new battery. It sends a positive signal that manufacturers and retailers are giving extra parts from a mere battery at the time of sale.

2) Recycling of lead is possible

Buybacks make recycling possible through the collection of used batteries through customers and vendors recycling leads to the retrieval of metals like lead, which is benign but toxic. Recycling puts less burden on natural resources extraction from mother earth.

3) Environment-friendly

It puts less strain on the environment as pollution of landfills and water can be avoided in the long run. Lead affects the environment if left open.

4) Lowers Health Risk 

Buybacks will prevent exposure of used and old batteries to humans and children preferably as contact with lead can be prevented.

5) Lowers the cost of production

Buybacks are a form of reverse logistics where raw materials are made available through reversed value chain and benefits are shared with every stakeholder in the longer run.

6) Exchange instead of new batteries

Buybacks make a sure exchange of new batteries with old ones makes after-sales service come into the picture. Cashback and gift vouchers sometimes are part of exchange schemes during buyback.

7) Buybacks promote trust 

Buybacks promote goodwill and trust toward retailers and manufacturers and present a socially relevant face of them to customers.

8) Safety at disposal or sorting 

Batteries can develop a leak and physical change if left in the household and can result in explosion or fire leading to safety concerns to the public at large buybacks prevent this situation.

9) Lead reused up to 70%

Lead in lead-acid batteries makes up 70 percent of its weight out of which 40% can be retrieved through recycling making buybacks a profitable activity.

10) Reduces mining cost

Buybacks put less stress on the mining of lead metal from nature reserves, reducing mining costs.

So, the above benefits result in a win-win for everyone associated with selling and pus of lead-acid batteries.

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