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No More Power-Cuts This Summer with Inverter Batteries

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No More Power Cuts This Summer with Inverter Batteries

Think it’s a warm summer day and you are sitting and experiencing a sweltering heat and long-dreaded power cuts and in that situation, you are going to realize that buying an inverter is no longer an expensive affair in comparison to surviving that sweating and warm weather.

Before you face this situation, we are here to provide a solution and get rid of this nightmare. In a city like Udaipur, where humidity is so high then buying an inverter in Udaipur is worth it.

And if you have planned to buy an inverter in Udaipur then read the below facts carefully for the best purchase.

Which Inverter Battery To Buy?

Here are the top brands of inverters you can purchase for your home or office:

Microtek Inverter

Microtek is one of the most renowned and trusted names in the power product market in India. Being a pioneer in the field of the power backup industry Microtek products are well accepted and appreciated by all sectors across the globe.

Luminous Inverter

Luminous Power Technologies is a very trustworthy brand with a wide range of products that not only covers inverters but also include solar solutions and other electrical products such as Fans, LED lighting, and Modular Switches. Luminous products are sold in more than 36 countries all over the world.


Liv-Fast is a prominent and well-known power specialist in India with a huge variety of power backup products which includes Automotive Batteries, Inverters, Inverter Batteries, and Solar Applications. Liv-Fast products are very trustworthy and constantly innovative.

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In addition to these brands, there are many other brands that are very popular and leading brands in the field of power technologies in India. Among which some are :

Amaron Battery

Amaron is a top leading Indian brand and it is the second-largest selling automotive battery brand in India. Amaron Batteries are produced by Amara Raja Batteries and its wide list of products includes All types of Vehicle Batteries, Commercial/Agricultural Batteries, Inverter Batteries, and UPS for Home.

Exide Battery

Exide is India’s largest selling battery brand and for the last six decades, it has been India’s most reliable brand. The wide list of Exide products includes Automotive Batteries, Industrial Batteries, Solar Solutions, Inverter Batteries, Home UPS Systems, E-Rickshaw Batteries, Submarine Batteries, and Genset Batteries.


Trontek is one of the top battery brands in India and is committed to constant growth and evolution in the field of the power industry. Trontek products include Lithium-ion E-Rickshaw Batteries, Lithium-ion E-Bike Batteries, Lithium-ion Solar Street Light Batteries, Lithium-ion Phosphate Storage Batteries, Lithium-ion Batteries for MHE, EV Charger, etc.

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Buying Guide For An Inverter and Inverter Battery

Calculate Your Power Requirements

The inverter has power limitations, it’s not a generator, and you can’t run a complete household with a normal inverter. Decide on the appliances you want to run on the inverter, an inverter can run the appliances like Fridge and Air Conditioners, because they consume high electricity, so you should buy an inverter with high VA values or the inverters that are specially made for this.

Inverter or UPS

UPS and Inverter both perform the same job i.e. supplying energy to load in the case of a power failure but in comparison to a power supply inverter is more efficient as UPS can’t supply much power and can support it for less time in comparison to an inverter.


The performance of an inverter is dependent on its battery quality. The capacity of the battery will affect the inverter’s life. You need a battery that is highly durable and takes less time to charge. 

To get more information check out Top 3 Things to Check Before Purchasing an Inverter for Yourself.

Contact Vaibhav Enterprises to get rid of power cuts this summer so that summer can’t make you feel regret when there is a power cut at your home or at the office.

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