Pro-Tips to Maintain Inverter Battery Life

Pro-Tips to Maintain Inverter Battery Life

Tips To Maintain Inverter Battery Life

Overall, the battery is considered the heart of a power backup system. In the current work environment, everyone is busy with their lives, working most hours a day and cannot focus on many things. It is common for customers to complain that their inverter batteries are not performing as expected. Vaibhav enterprises Udaipur, generally informs customers about the various maintenance requirements of their products.

However, even after purchasing an expensive battery from a renowned inverter dealer in Udaipur, you will spend a lot of money because the battery will wear out prematurely if not taken care of. All batteries have an average lifespan of over 5 years with proper maintenance and care. A few simple maintenance tips can extend the life of your inverter battery. So, we have listed down the easiest and fastest tips on how to maintain your inverter battery.

Inverter Battery Life

1. Do not cover the battery from all sides – when charging the battery, it becomes hot due to the boiling water inside. To stay cool, you need a place to dissipate heat. To dissipate excess heat, at least one side, preferably the back, must be open for smooth operation.

2. Constantly use a battery cart for storage – when the battery is in charging mode, a small amount of water and battery acid mixture escapes, which may be harmful to the environment. A trolley is recommended for easy storage and transport of the battery.

3. Inspect the acid level-  Look at the float to check the acid level. For the inverter battery to work properly, all cells must have the same acidity. Open the float gauge and if necessary fill the inverter battery with the DM count to the specified limit. Make sure the battery is not overcharged. Overcharging the battery beyond the specified limits can be dangerous. Open the vent plug/float indicator and check the color of the acid. If the inverter battery is good, the acid should be colorless. Brown or black acid indicates that the battery is dirty or has reached the end of its life.

4. Always clean the battery terminals to remove carbon – when the battery is working, a layer of carbon is attached to the terminals, which causes problems during operation. It is recommended to clean the terminals with hot water to remove all carbon.

5. Apply petroleum jelly to the battery terminals – after cleaning the battery terminals, it is recommended to apply petroleum jelly to the battery terminals to extend the life of the battery. Vaseline can be purchased from your nearest inverter battery dealer.

6. Do not tilt the battery – the battery is filled with distilled water, so when tilted, the water will flow out of the cell cover, removing all metal and stone surfaces.

7. Wear insulated clothing when connecting the inverter battery – be sure to wear latex gloves and well-insulated clothing when connecting the inverter battery to avoid electric shock or short circuits. When connecting, there is a risk of sparks, so wear gloves to prevent this.

8. Once a month battery life – many people complain about battery backup issues, even though they rarely or never have power outages. This problem is caused by incorrect use of the battery. This leads to a deep battery drain. It is important to take advantage of battery power by turning off the MCB line for 30 minutes once a month.

Inverter Battery Life

Maintenance is more Affordable than Replacement.

Having a great device that can run without power is a plus. A functional charging system and a battery inverter ensure a constant supply. Just follow the above tips.

The battery suppliers in Udaipur; Vaibhav Enterprises, hope that these steps work when your home needs power because maintenance costs are always lower than unit replacement. Use Wisely!

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